Change assigned Package in SAP


ABAP prgrammer sometimes do workout on things locally (Technically, making the object Local in nature). After all the changes done to the object, the object is ready to transport to the next landscape for further testing.

Following steps defines how an ABAPer can reassign the Transport Package to the Object to be transported.

In this case, lets say, we want to reassign the package to an ABAP program. Following steps defines how to reassign the Package from Local to Transportable.

1. In SE38, enter your program name.

2. Use the menu option “goto -> object directory entry”.

3. Click on “Change”, and you can enter the new package. You’ll be prompted for a workbench request number also. The same technique can be used to change packages in other objects.


You can also use transaction SE03 (or the tools option from SE09/SE10), but access is sometimes restricted.



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