Start SAP Business Workflow with Reference


During the new SAP Business Workflow development and testing, there are requirements to test the various branches of workflow like approve, reject or cancel the workflow step.


For this purpose, SAP has provided less known but very useful T-Code using which we can re-trigger the same node (step) of the Business Workflow but in separate tasks. You now no longer need to create multiple sets of data anymore, just start the workflow with reference.

Enter transaction SWUS_WITH_REFERENCE.


Here you need to enter Workflow instance ID with whom reference you want to create a new task. On this screen, you can enter the user name also which you want to display for workflow restart. Click Execute Note that it creates a new task:


Now goto transaction SWIA and note that a new workflow has been created.

So, now you can use this t-code to quickly create/replicate workflows for each branch – accept, reject, and cancel – without taking any time. This transaction basically saves your precious time and energy while Business Workflow testing.


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