SAP IS-U Tables


SAP IS-U Tables

During the development whether a report or an enhancements, ABAPer need to have look into SAP IS-U Tables relationships. The following presentation shows the table relations in case of SAP’s Industry specific solution for Utilities Industry (IS-U).


Major IS-U tables related to custom developments are as follows:

EANL – Installation

EANLH – Installation Time Slice

EABL – Meter Reading Document

EABLG – Meter Reading Reasons

ETRG – Billing Orders

EASTL – Installation Device

EGERR  – Device Info for PoD

EQUI – Equipment

EASTS – Installation Register

ETDZ – Registers

EPROFASS – Register Profiles


SAP IS-U Tables
SAP IS-U Tables



Download Presentation: ISU Tables


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