Downloading PF-Status(GUI Status) in SAP


There has been requirements that an ABAPer needs the PF Status or GUI Status backup, either to transport it to the next landscape, or for saving it as a local copy on the hard disk.

Following are the defined methods to download PF-Status / GUI Status from SAP :

1.  Use SAPlink – SAPlink is a tool which is used to download/upload ABAP development objects from one system to another. Since GUI statuses are always tied to programs, you would need to download/upload the entire program. SAPlink will get the GUI status for this program and downloaded with the program source code. You can then upload this to your target system.

Find more about SAPlink at:

2. Attach to a Request – Get PF Status / GUI Status attached to a request and get that transpor to the desired system/landscape. Note: Since PF Status / GUI Status is integral part of a program, they should be transported with the program itself. Program should exist to make use of Statuses.

3. Download in Basic List Format – Goto SE80 – > Open your program. Open PF Status to download, and drill-down all the Headers of user interface to show them all(Menu Bar, Application Toolbar, Function Keys).

Then goto System – > List – > Save – > Local File. This gives you an option to save the PF Status/GUI Status in different format like, TXT file, Excel File, etc. for future reference. You cannot upload this document back to SAP.

PF Status


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