Assign a T-code to Maintenance View in SAP


There are some cases where you want your application to call the Maintenance View (instead of creating Create/Changes/Delete i.e. CCD screens for the operation).

In this case you have to assign a T-Code to the Maintenance View you created. (Note: User should have the authorization for SM30).

Follow these steps for the assignment:

1) Go to transaction SE93 , give your own transaction code say ZTC_ZVDA_KNGRP, for maintaining your Z-Table.

2) Click on create button and check the radio button Transaction with parameters (PARAMETER TRANSACTION) and click on the tick button.

3) In the next screen enter default values:
        transaction : SM30
        check the check box skip initial screen

Tcode Assignment

4) Scroll down you will find a table control for default values

Name of the screen field | value

VIEWNAME                      | your ztable name

SHOW                                 | X

Save your work.

Thats it ! You can now call the Maintenance View from this T-Code.


transaction : SM30
check the check box skip initial scree 


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