Assign/Create Authorization Group for a Table in SAP


Many times an ABAPer or Functional consultant gets the Message ‘You are not authorized to display this table’, when viewing tables, even ZTables. Tables by defualt are created with Authorization Object S_TABU_DIS and Authorization Group &NC&.

Basis Team, as part of Audit/security may not allow this authorization on Tables.

To tackle the situation, you must assign a different Authorization Group (apart from &NC&), and get viewing authorization on that Group from Basis Team.

Go to SE54, Give the table name and choose authorization group and then click on create/change. You can create an authorization group.

Assign / Create Authorization Group
Assign / Create Authorization Group

For Example:
You can assign a table to authorization group Z001. (Use transaction SM30 for table TDDAT) A user that wants to access this table must have
authorization object S_TABU_DIS in his or her profile with the value Z001
in the field DICBERCLS (authorization group for ABAP Dictionary objects).


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