Z-Joiner : ABAP Program that Generates join-based SELECT statements

Its a program I found while browsing. It can prove handy at beginner level. Download source code: zjoiner

ABAP Program to Download your SAP work I

Following code helps you download you SAP programs and relevant objects from SAP to your PC.   Download source code: Mass Download 144.620   Source: http://www.dalestech.com

Pretty Report Vs Pretty Printer in ABAP

This program takes an existing ABAP report, and does the following:move comments to the end of the line. Added because pretty printer in 4.6 no longer does this - Adds comments (table...

ABAP program to get User Exits and BADI List for a T-Code

The following program when generated will display a list of all User-Exits and BADI (Business Add-Ins) for the specified T-Code. *-----------------------------------------------------------* *& Report ZRPT_EXIT_BADI * *-----------------------------------------------------------* *& User exits/BADIs for T-code * *-----------------------------------------------------------* report zrpt_userexit_badi . tables :...