Disable MS Word as default editor in Smartforms


Disable MS Word as default editor in Smartforms

Smartform developers can enable or disable MS Word as a default editor during editing SAP Smartform Text objects using SAP standard program RSCPSETEDITOR.

MS Word can be used as an enhanced text editor for Smartform text objects. But SAP Smart Forms developers who have been dealing with SSF can have some difficulties adopting to it as default text editor in Text component. If we want to work with default SAP text editor in Smartform report, we can use program RSCPSETEDITOR to turn off MS Word as text editor.

It is easy to disable or enable Word as text editor using program RSCPSETEDITOR – Set MS Word as Editor windows shown as below.

Smartforms Editor Settings
Smartforms Editor Settings

Mark or clear the checkbox beside the SAP output development tool SAPscript or SAP Smart Forms text where you want to make modification in default editor.

After the required changes, activate the changes using Activate button. After activation, we should exit the SAP Smartforms application in order to reflect the editor change on their development environmen



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