Unleashing IDOCs


Unleashing IDOCs

The following PDF helps ABAPer/Interface developer to have an in-depth view of IDOC(Unleashing IDOCs) and its functionality.

Unleashing IDOCs
Unleashing IDOCs


The book also shows customizing of an Outbound Interface and other customizing steps. Following points are covered in the e-book:


1 Structure of an IDoc interface

1.1 Structure of an IDoc
1.2 Structure of a segment
1.3 Structure of an interface

2 Customizing of an outbound interface

2.1 Creation of a new message type
2.2 Customizing of a new interface
2.3 Creation of an outbound interface program

3 Additional customizings

3.1 Filter
3.2 IDoc reduction
3.3 Integration of an inbound IDoc4 Appendices
4.1 Useful transactions for IDocs
4.2 Standard statuses of IDoc
4.3 List of standard basic IDoc types


Download PDF : Idocs In Details


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