Saving Custom Layouts in SAP ALV


When using a progam or report dealing in ALV, user sometimes does not get the proper display at the time of output in ALV. The reason is non-customising of the layout by the user or the default layout set by other user.

Following process will help you to store your own customized layout.

 When displaying the ALV result, adjust the layout according to your need. Now save the layout by navigating to Settings -> Layout -> Savings.

Enter the layout Code and layout Name name that you want to save. Check the checkbox ‘User-Specific’ to make the layout specific to your login. You can also set one of the layout as your default layout by checking the checkbox ‘Default Setting’.


Points to remember:
1. The name of your layout must not start with a number, because this type of name is reserved for the standard layouts delivered by SAP.
2. Non-user-specific layouts (client-specific standard layouts) must begin with “/”.



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