Creating RFC Destinations


We need RFC destination to connect either to non-SAP or SAP data externally from our existing system. To make other systems available for the access, we need to provide an RFC destination in our SAP such that it accesses the external system.

To summarise you can communicate via RFC:

1. R/3 -> R/3
2. legacy -> R/3
3. R/3 -> legacy


Following are the steps for defining the RFC destination:

1. In the SAP R/3 window, click the forward arrow to display the navigation box if necessary. Type SM59 into the text field and press ENTER. This displays the RFC Destination Maintenance window.

2. Enter ‘3’ in Connection Type , i.e. ABAP Connection. Enter Description of the connection. Enter Target Host Name, System Number and IP address. Press save to save the RFC deatination.

 3. Click the Test Connection to check the connection link to the remote server. It the settings you specifed is correct, the message specifying it will be shown.

RFC deatination is now ready to be used in the programs.


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