Attach Holiday/Factory Calendar to F4 Help in ABAP Program


When you press F4 on any date field the standard calendar opens in order for you to choose a date. When you do not want the user to choose a weekend day or a holiday, you can do it.

Holiday/ Factory Calendar to F4 Help
Holiday/ Factory Calendar to F4 Help

Two different type of calendars are defined in SAP, the holiday calendar and the factory calendar.

These calendars are defined in the customizing under :
SPRO -> General settings -> maintain calendar
In this screen, all the default holidays are predefined by country, you can add or delete holiday as you

want. Because a holiday can be different by country, the factory calendar is stored for each plants, in table

T001W, field FABKL.
Here is a small example on how to call the calendar :
  date_for_first_month = ‘20031208’
  holiday_calendar_id = ‘CA’           “<<==– Here is how you point on a holiday calendar*    

  factory_calendar_id = T001W-FABKL    “<<==– … or a factory one    
  display = ‘ ‘  
  select_date = select_date  
  OTHERS = 4.

The result, a red square marks each holidays in above image.


  1. Excellent explanation…I was googling to know the F4 Help Tips. Your article clarified my doubts….thanks…n do post more articles like this.