Smartforms Vs SAPScript, the Battle Royale in SAP


Samrtforms and SAPScript both used for creating and maintaining forms for mass printing in SAP Systems. But where does the difference lies ?

The Following are the differences between Smartforms and SAPScripts :-

a) Multiple page formats are possible in smartforms which is not the case in SAPScripts

b) It is possible to have a smartform without a main window, but it is mandatory to have that in SAPScript

c) Labels cannot be created in smartforms, but in SAPScript you can create Labels

d) Routines can be written in smartforms tool

e) Smartforms generates a function module when activated- which is used to call the Smartform, nothing like such in SAPScript

f) Use RSTXSCRP to download SAPScript to your Harddisk, whereas in Smartfrom (Utilities -> Upload/Download form) it is a built-in as a utility, to download in XML format

g) The protect and endprotect command in sapscript doesn’t work with smartforms

h) The output medium for Smartforms support printer, fax, e-mail, or the Internet (by using the generated XML output), whereas in case of SAPScript, it is restricted to printer


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