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Mass Download is the successor to Direct Download, the same basic idea but with a totally new code base. New version 1.4.4 of Mass Download is now available having new features and bug fixes.

Mass Download - Initial Screen
Mass Download - Initial Screen

The enhancements to the older version (1.3.1) are:

Fixed – Function includes were not found if prefaced by a namespace.
Fixed – Methods are now linked to from the downloaded class.
Fixed – Removed hard coded breakpoint.
Fixed – Methods in BAdi’s were not being downloaded if the BAdi name was longer than expected.
Improved – Dictionary objects are now stored within one directory, multiple versions of the same objects are no longer written to the file system.
Fixed – Long runtime when downloading large function groups.
Fixed – Global class methods were not being downloaded if they belonged to an interface.
Fixed – White space was missing in comment sections.
Improved – Compatibility with 6.20 systems.
Fixed – Avoid possible automation error whilst picking a filename – Reported by Nuno Dionisio.
Fixed – Wrong methods being downloaded for scanned class
Fixed – Some dictionary structures were being skipped. Fixed – Redefined methods were being downloaded but without the code in them – reported by Walter Pointner.
Improved – HTML output is now XHTML & CSS compliant and complies with the W3C specification.
Improved – HTML output now has a new look and feel.
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