Tcodes in SAP – Part 1


Everything function that is to performed in SAP is represented in the form of a Transaction and to execute that Transaction, SAP provide a Transaction Code (T-Code). On the SAP Intial Screen, you can enter this T-Code in the T-Code field provided at the top.

T-Code Field

You can execute the following commands in the transaction code (tcode) field with Enter. You will find some useful transaction codes below to work in tandem with the following commands:
To call a transaction – In the same session (window) Enter: /nxxxx (xxxx = transaction code). – In an additional session, Enter: /oxxxx (xxxx = transaction code).
If you enter this function before any of the tcodes below, you are able to break out of your current screen/business and begin a completely new session. Otherwise, the current business process has to be terminated, and return to the initial user screen (the main menu) has to be initiated before entering tcode spro). /o tcode saves you the effort of having to do this.

To end the current transaction Enter: /n. Caution: Unsaved changes are lost without warning
To delete the current session. Enter: /i.
To generate a session list Enter: /o. To log off from the system Enter: /nend.
(OSS Note 0026171 has additional information on OKCodes in SAP, and is a very useful read)

Now, since I am on ABAP module, T-Codes related to the module are marked as bold in the following list.

First Steps:
AL08 List of All Users Logged On
RZ20 CCMS Monitor Sets
SA38 ABAP Program Execution
SCC4 Display View “Clients”
SE11 ABAP Dictionary
SE16 Data Browser
SE38 ABAP Editor
SE80 Object Navigator (ABAP Workbench)
SE93 Maintain Transaction
SLICENSE SAP License Administration
SM02 System Messages
SM04 User List
SM12 Select Lock Entries
SM13 Update Requests
SM21 System Log
SM28 SAP Initial Consitency Check
SM31 Maintain Table Views
SM37 Simple Job Selection
SM50 Process Overview
SM51 SAP Servers
SM66 Global Work Process Overview
SMLT Language Management
SR13 Administration of the SAP Library
SU01 User Maintenance

Software Logistics
SAINT Add-On Installation Tool
SE01 Transport Organizer (Extended View)
SE03 Transport Organizer Tools
SE09 Transport Organizer
SPAM Support Package Manager
SPAU Modification Adjustment
SPDD Modification Adjustment Dictionary
SPRO Customizing: Execute Project
SPRO_ADMIN Customizing: Project Administration
STMS Transport Management System

Client Administration
BDLS Tool: Conversion of Logical System Names
SCC1 Copy by Transport Request
SCC3 Client Copy / Transport Log Analysis
SCC4 Display View “Clients”
SCC7 Post-Client Import Methods
SCC8 Client Export
SCC9 Remote Client Copy
SCCL Local Client Copy
SCMP View / Table Comparison
SCU0 Customizing Cross-System Viewer
SE01 Transport Organizer (Extended View)
STMS Transport Management System

User & Authorization
BD82 Generate Partner Profile
LICENSE_ADMIN License Administration Workbench
PFCG Profile Generator / Role Maintenance
SCUG Central User Administration – Transfer Users
SM19 Security Audit: Administer Audit Profile
SM20 Analysis of Security Audit Log
SU01 User Maintenance
SU05 Maintain Internet User
SU10 User Maintenance: Mass Changes
SU20 Maintain Authorization Fields
SU21 Maintain Authorization Objects
SU24 Maintain Assignmt. of Authorization Objects
SU25 Profile Generator: Upgrade / First Install.
SU3 Maintain User Profile
SU53 Display Authorization Data for User
SUCOMP User Company Address Maintenance
SUGR Maintain User Groups
USMM System Measurement

Background Processing
RZ01 Job Scheduling Monitor
RZ04 CCMS: Maintain Operation Modes/Instances
SM36 Define Background Job
SM37 Simple Job Selection
SM37C Extended Job Selection
SM49 External Operating System Commands
SM61 Background Controller List
SM62 Event History
SM64 Background Events
SM65 Analysis Tool – Background Processing
SM69 External Operating System Commands
SMX Job Overview

SM12 Lock Entries
SM13 Update Requests
SM14 Update Program Administration
Output Configuration & Administration
SPAD Spool Administration
SP01 Output Controller: Spool Request Selection
SP12 TemSe – Admin. of Temp. Sequential Data

Data Archiving
AOBJ View Cluster Maintenance
DB15 Tables and Archiving Objects
FILE Logical File Path Definition
OAAD ArchiveLink: Admin. of Stored Documents
OAC0 Content Repositories
OAM1 ArchiveLink: Monitor
SARA Archiv Administration
SARI Archive Info System: Central Management
SF01 Logical File Names, Client-Specific
SM37 Simple Job Selection

Data Transfer & Exchange
BAPI BAPI Explorer
BD73 Error Handlung for Non-Posted IDocs
BD82 Generate Partner Profile
BDM2 IDoc Tracing
BMV0 Manage Data Transfer
IDOC IDoc and EDI Basis: Repair & Check
RZ12 RFC Server Groutp Maintenance
SCOT SAPConnect: Administration
SHDB Transaction Recorder: Recording Overview
SM35 Batch Input: Session Overview
SM58 Transactional RFC
SM59 Configuration of RFC Connections
SMQ1 qRFC Monitor – Outbound Queue
SMQ2 qRFC Monitor – Inbound Queue
SMQR qRFC Monitor – QIN Scheduler
SMT1 Disply and Maintain Trusted Systems
SOST SAPConnect: Transmissen Requests
SXDA Data Transfer Workbench
WE05 IDOC List
WE21 Ports in IDoc Processing

Instance Maintenance
RZ03 Server Statuses and Alerts
RZ04 Maintain Operation Modes and Instances
RZ10 Edit Profiles
RZ11 Maintain Profile Parameters
RZ12 RFC Server Group Maintenance
SM50 Process Overview
SM63 Display/Maintain Operation Mode Set
SMGW Gateway Monitor / Active Connections
SMLG Maintain Logon Groups
SMMS Message Server Monitor

System Monitoring
AL08 List of All Users Logged On
AL11 SAP-Directories
DB13 DBA Cockpit: System Config. Maintenance
DB24 Logs for Adminstrative Database Operations
OS03 Parameter Changes in Operation System
OS07 Operation System Monitor
RZ03 Disply Server Statuses and Alerts
RZ20 CCMS Monitor Sets
SM04 User List
SM12 Select Lock Entries
SM14 Update Program Administration
SM21 System Log: Local Analysis
SM35 Batch Input: Session Overview
SM37 Simple Job Selection
SM50 Process Overview
SM51 SAP Servers
SM58 Transactional
RFCSM66 Global Work Process Overview
SMGW Gateway Monitor / Active Connections
SMMS Message Server Monitor
SMQ1 qRFC Monitor – Outbound Queue
SMQ2 qRFC Monitor – Inbound Queue
SP01 Output Controller: Spool Request Selection
SSAA Administrative Activities
ST01 System Trace
ST02 Tune Summary
ST03, ST03N Workload Monitor
ST04 Maintain Database Integration
ST05 Performance Analysis
ST06 Operation System Monitor
ST07 Application Monitor: User Distribution
ST10 Table Call Statistics
ST11 Error Log Files
ST22 ABAP Runtime Error
ST30 Global Performance Analysis
STAD SAP Workload: Business Transact. Analysis
TU02 Parameter Changes in SAPSYSTEM

Monitoring Architecture
AL15 SAPOSCOL Destination
OS07 Operating System Monitor
RZ04 Maintain Operation Modes and Instances
RZ20 CCMS Monitor Sets
RZ21 Monitoring: Properties and Methods
SE91 Message Maintenance
SE92 System Log Message Maintenance
SM21 System Log: Local Analysis
ST02 Tune Summary

Miscellaneous T-Codes
LSMW Legacy System Migration Workbench
OSS1 SAP Online Service System
SNOTE SAP Note Assistant
SCAT Computer Aided Test Tool
SCU0 Compare Tables
SE18 Business Add-Ins: Definitions
SE19 Business Add-Ins: Implementations
SE24 Class Builder
SE32 ABAP/4 Text Element Maintenance
SE35 ABAP/4 Dialog Modules
SE36 ABAP/4: Logical Databases
SE37 ABAP/4 Function Modules
SE41 Menu Painter
SE43 Maintain Area Menu
SE51 Screen Painter: Initial Screen
SE71 SAPScript Layouts Create/Change
SE72 SAPscript styles
SE73 SAPscript font maintenance (revised)
SE74 SAPscript format conversion
SE75 SAPscript Settings
SE76 SAPscript Translation Layout Sets
SE77 SAPscript Translation Styles
SE93 Maintain Transaction
SHD0 Transaction variant maintenance
SM30 Maintain Table Views
SM35 View Batch Input Sessions
SM37 View background job
SM50 Process Overview
SPRO Start SAP IMG (Implementation Guide)
SQ00 ABAP/4 Query: Start Queries
SQ01 ABAP/4 Query: Maintain Queries
SQ02 ABAP/4 Query: Maintain Funct. Areas
SQ03 ABAP/4 Query: Maintain User Groups
SQ07 ABAP/4 Query: Language Comparison
OAER Image Upload
SNRO/NRIV Maintain Number Ranges
SE54 Maintain Authorization Groups


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